Schedule of Events Revised August 11, 2006

IN THE MATTER OF the Patent Act R.S.C. 1985, c. P-4,
as amended AND IN THE MATTER OF Teva Neuroscience G.P.-S.E.N.C. (the "Respondent") and the medicine "Copaxone"

Event / Filing

Date / Deadline

Notice of Hearing - Issuance

May 8, 2006

Service of Respondent

May 9

Confirmation of Service

May 9

Service of Minister of Industry Canada

May 9

Service of provincial and territorial Ministers of Health

May 9

Issuance of Press Release

May 9

Publication of Notice of Hearing - Canada Gazette, Part I

May 20

Respondent Filing

May 23

Reply to the Response

June 6

Filing of intentions

- Minister of Industry Canada
- Provincial and territorial Ministers of Health

May 23
May 23

Application for leave to intervene

June 6

Response to application for leave to intervene

June 20

Filing of Notice of Motions - preliminary matters

August 25

Filing of Response - preliminary matters

September 11

Filing of Reply - preliminary matters

September 11

Pre-Hearing memoranda

September 14

Pre-Hearing conference

September 20

Pre-filing of outline of evidence (non-expert) of each witnesses

January 12, 2007

Affidavit of expert witnesses

January 12

Reply evidence

January 22

(to be continued at future date if required)

February 5-7

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