Reports and Trends

Under the Patent Act, the PMPRB is required to report annually to Parliament, through the Minister of Health. The Report includes a review of the PMPRB's major activities, analyses of the prices of patented medicines and of the price trends of all drugs. The PMPRB is also mandated to report on pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) spending in Canada. This information is contained in the PMPRB's Annual Report.

The report on Key Pharmaceutical Trends includes an analysis of

  • Sales of patented drug products
  • Price trends
  • Canadian prices compared to foreign prices
  • Patented drug product utilization
  • Canadian drug expenditures in the global context

The report on R&D Trends provides key statistics on the current state of pharmaceutical research investment in Canada.

In addition to the Annual Report, the PMPRB undertakes studies and conducts analysis on a variety of topics related to pharmaceutical pricing and costs.

Analysis Briefs provide concise summaries of pertinent topics of general interest. Topics are selected from analyses published in the Annual Report and recent research papers.

Under an agreement by the federal, provincial, and territorial Ministers of Health, the PMPRB also conducts research through National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS). For more information about this initiative or to access the published reports, see the NPDUIS section of the website.

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