Rules of Practice and Procedure for Hearings

The PMPRB's regulatory mandate is to ensure that prices at which patentees sell their patented medicines in Canada are not excessive.

In the event that the price of a patented medicine appears to be excessive, the Board can hold a public hearing and, if it finds that the price is excessive, it may issue an order to reduce the price and to offset revenues received as a result of excessive prices. Board decisions are subject to judicial review in the Federal Court of Canada.

The Rules of Practice and Procedure is a published standard set of procedures for all participants to follow in hearings before the Board. The Rules set out the Board's procedures in accordance with the requirement under the Patent Act to resolve matters as informally and expeditiously as the circumstances and considerations of fairness permit.

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When scheduling a hearing, the Board makes a reasonable effort to accommodate the parties to the proceedings. Parties that may appear before the Board should be familiar with the Direction on Scheduling Hearing Dates.

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