Analytical Studies

The National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) analyses drug price, utilization, and cost trends in Canada. Results of these analyses are published in the following reports.

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NPDUIS CompassRx, 2nd edition – 2013/14 (May 2016) (PDF - 4.02 MB)

Generics360 – Generic Drugs in Canada, 2014 (February 2016) (PDF - 1.75 MB)


NPDUIS CompassRx, 1st Edition

NPDUIS CompassRx, 2nd Edition (May 2016) (PDF - 4.02 MB)

NPDUIS CompassRx, 1st Edition (March 2015) (PDF - 4,036 Kb)
Analysis Brief: NPDUIS CompassRx, 1st Edition (March 2015) (PDF - 804 Kb)

Generic Drugs


Private Drug Plans

Private Drug Plans in Canada - Part 1: Generic Market 2005–2013

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

Other NPDUIS Studies

Other NPDUIS Studies


Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Slide Presentations

Tamper-Resistant Properties of Drugs Regulations – Cost Impact Analysis, 2019 (September 2015) (PDF 1.22 MB)

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