NPDUIS Analytical Studies

National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) publishes a variety of studies that provide Canadians with comprehensive information on drug pricing, utilization, and cost trends in Canada and internationally. These include Annual Publications, Report Series, Focused Research Reports, and Presentations.

Annual Publications

CompassRx: Annual Public Drug Plan Expenditure Report

NPDUIS CompassRx, 1st Edition

2013/14 Edition New
Published: May 2016 | PDF 4.02 MB

Previous Editions

CompassRx, 2012/13
Published: March 2015 | PDF 4.37 MB

Analysis Brief: CompassRx, 2012/13
Published: March 2015 | PDF 804 kb

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

7th Edition
Published: December 2015 | PDF 1.43 MB

Previous Editions

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 6th Edition
Published: December 2014 | PDF 723 kb

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 5th Edition
Published: December 2013

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 4th Edition
Published: April 2013

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 3rd Edition
Published: July 2011

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 2nd Edition
Published: July 2008

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 1st Edition
Published: June 2007

Report Series
Focused Reports
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