Scientific Review

Please note this page is being updated to reflect the new PMPRB Guidelines

The PMPRB's scientific review provides recommendations on the level of therapeutic improvement of a patented drug product, which is used in the price review process.

The PMPRB created the Human Drug Advisory Panel to provide credible, independent, and expert scientific advice. The approach is evidence-based and the recommendations reflect medical and scientific knowledge and current clinical practice.

The HDAP reviews and evaluates scientific information available to the PMPRB including submissions by patentees, research prepared by a Drug Information Centre, and information obtained by Board Staff. Members of the HDAP may also conduct their own research. The recommendations of the HDAP are based on the majority vote.

For more detailed information on the PMPRB's scientific review process, please consult the Guidelines.

The HDAP meets four times a year. Please click here for information on the HDAP's meeting schedule and filing requirements.

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