RELEASED May 9, 2006


The PMPRB to Hold a Public Hearing into the Price of Copaxone

OTTAWA, May 9, 2006: The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board will hold a public hearing commencing on October 16, 2006, in the matter of Teva Neuroscience G.P.-S.E.N.C. ("Teva") and the price of the medicine Copaxone. A pre-hearing conference will also be held on August 4, 2006.

The purpose of the hearing is to determine whether, under sections 83 and 85 of the Patent Act, Teva

  • is selling or has sold the medicine known as "Copaxone" in any market in Canada at a price that, in the Board's opinion, is or was excessive; and,
  • if so, what order, if any, should be made.

Copaxone is indicated for use in ambulatory patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis to reduce the frequency of relapses.

Persons wishing to intervene in this proceeding are required to apply to the Board for leave to intervene on or before June 6, 2006. Such persons should contact the Secretary of the Board for further information on the procedure.

The Notice of Hearing in this matter and the Statement of Allegations of Board Staff are available on the PMPRB Web site under Regulatory, Hearings.

All requests for information should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board.

Sylvie Dupont
Secretary of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

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