IN THE MATTER OF the Patent Act, R.S.C. 1985,
c. P-4, as amended AND IN THE MATTER OF Teva Neuroscience G.P. – S.E.N.C., (the “Respondent”)
and the medicine “Copaxone”


Pursuant to the provisions of section 83 of the Patent Act, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (the "Board") issued a Notice of Hearing on May 8, 2006 to determine whether Teva Neuroscience G.P.-S.E.N.C. (''Teva Neuroscience") is selling or has sold the patented medicine Copaxone 20 mg/1.0 mL syringe (DIN 02245619) in any market in Canada at a price that is or was excessive and if so, what order, if any, should be made.

In accordance with the Decision of the Board issued February 25, 2008 (PMPRB-06-D2-COPAXONE) finding that the medicine was sold at an excessive price, and having fully considered the representations of the parties concerning the appropriate amount of the excess revenues covered by the Decision, the Board orders as follows:

Teva Neuroscience shall make a payment to Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, by cheque payable to the Receiver General of Canada and forwarded to the Secretary of the Board, in the amount of $2,417,223.29, on or before June 12, 2008.

Board Members:
Dr. Brien G. Benoit
Mary Catherine Lindberg
Thomas (Tim) Armstrong

Board Counsel:
Peter Annis

Sylvie Dupont
Secretary of the Board

Date modified: