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The PMPRB works behind the scenes to protect consumers and the Canadian health care system. We regulate the prices that patentees charge wholesalers, hospitals or pharmacies for patented drugs – known as the factory gate price – to ensure that they are not excessive.

Since the PMPRB was created in 1987, the prices of patented drugs in Canada have remained comparable with prices in other countries. On average, prices have not risen faster than the rate of inflation.

The ceiling prices that the PMPRB sets are not the prices you pay at the pharmacy, however. The PMPRB does not have jurisdiction over mark-ups by wholesalers or retailers, and it doesn't set the price that public drug plans or insurance companies are willing to reimburse. It also doesn't control fees that pharmacists may charge for filling a prescription, and it doesn't regulate the price of generic drugs.

If you feel that the price you have paid for a patented drug product is excessive, you may make a formal complaint.

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