Greening Government Operations

Part A: Green Procurement Capacity Building
Activity Target as % (as reported in 2011–12 RPP) Actual Results as % Description/Comments
1a. Training for Procurement and Materiel Management Staff 50% 50% As a micro-organization, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) does not have full FTEs dedicated to Procurement and/or Materiel Management. 50% of the staff that have procurement and material management included in their responsibilities have taken the Canada School of Public Service course C215.
1b. Training for Acquisition Cardholders 50% 50% 50% the staff with acquisition cards had completed green procurement training by the end of the 2011–12 fiscal year.
2. Performance Evaluations 100% Green procurement performance was included in performance assessments for 2011-2012.
3. Procurement Processes and Controls The PMPRB, as a small agency, takes advantage of the guidance and procurement instruments provided by Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC). As such, the use of standing offers ensures that environmental attributes of suppliers are considered. In those rare instances where an item is not available through a standing offer, the PMPRB works with PWGSC to arrange the procurement.
Part B: Use of Green Consolidated Procurement Instruments
Good/Service Target as % (as reported in 2011–12 RPP) Actual Results as % Description/Comments
IT Hardware 25% 100% All IT procurements in 2011-2012 were done using green consolidated procurement instruments as designated by PWGSC.
Paper 80% 100% All of the paper ordered in 2011-2012 was recycled white paper.
Printer toners 50% 65% Of the 46 toner cartridges ordered, 30 of them were remanufactured toner, 16 were originals, and all empty toner cartridges were returned to be recycled.
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