Non-Respendable Revenue

($ thousands)
Program Activity 2009–10
Planned Revenue Actual
Compliance and enforcement of non-excessive prices for patented drug products
Voluntary Compliance Undertakings / Board Orders1 24,202.5 23,272.6 - 11,195.5
Total Non-Respendable Revenue 24,202.5 23,272.6 - 11,195.5

1 The money reported as non-respendable revenue does not represent revenues generated by the PMPRB. This money is a result of payments made by patentees to the Government of Canada through Voluntary Compliance Undertakings (VCUs) or Board orders to offset excess revenues. The Minister may enter into agreements with any province respecting the distribution to that province of amounts received by the Receiver General, less any costs incurred in relation to the collection and distribution of those amounts.

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