The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (Board) is proposing to approve a Voluntary Compliance Undertaking in respect of the price of the patented medicine FASLODEX.

Here are the Notice and Comment and the Voluntary Compliance Undertaking (PDF).

Persons who wish to make representations in this matter shall file a written submission with the Board on or before September 17, 2010. The Board will consider all submissions by the provincial and territorial Ministers of Health. All submissions by other persons shall include a clear statement of the person's interest in this matter and shall state the reasons why the Board should consider the submission. All submissions shall be filed with the Director, Board Secretariat at Box L40, 333 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1400, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1C1; or by e-mail at sylvie.dupont@pmprb-cepmb.gc.ca.

Board Staff and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. will be given the opportunity to make written submissions to the Board in response to any written submissions received on or before October 1, 2010.

Further information on the role and process of the Board may also be obtained from the Director, Board Secretariat, by calling the PMPRB's toll-free line: 1 877 860-2150 or 613-954-8299.

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