Departmental Performance Report 2013-14

Non-Respendable Revenue

Non-respendable revenue consists of all non–tax revenue that has been credited to the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Program 2011-12 Actual
($ thousands)
2012-13 Actual
($ thousands)
($ thousands)
Patented Medicine Price Regulation Program
Voluntary Compliance Undertakings / Board Orders 11,195.5 19,670.4 10,605.1
Total Non–Respendable Revenue 11,195.5 19,670.4 10,605.1

** Revenues that are non-respendable are not available to discharge the Board's liabilities. Non-respendable revenues are earned on behalf of the Government of Canada. The PMPRB collects non-respendable revenues as a result of payments made by patentees to the Government of Canada through Voluntary Compliance Undertakings (VCUs) or Board Orders to offset excess revenues. In 2013-14, the PMPRB collected non-respendable revenues in the amount of $ 10,605 thousand. In 2012-13, the PMPRB collected non-respendable revenues in the amount of $ 19,170.4 thousand. In 2011–12, non-respendable revenues collected by the PMPRB were $11,195.5 thousand. However, this amount was offset by the establishment of a contingent liability to be paid on behalf of the Government in the amount of $2,801.3 thousand; the net non-respendable revenues were $8,394.2 thousand.

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