Management Action Plan Core Control Audit of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB)´s Opinion of the Audit Report:

I have reviewed the findings and recommendations and, as far as the scope of this audit is concerned, they accurately reflect the state of control over financial management, contracting, travel & hospitality and human resources at the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board.

Audit Entity Sign Off on the Management Action Plan

Mary Catherine Lindberg
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

Recommendations Priority Planned Actions Actions should be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, and Realistic Responsibilities
position title responsible
for the action
planned dates of implementation
1. The PMPRB should ensure that all employees receive mandatory training in accordance with requirements pertaining to financial management, contracting, and human resources and validate their knowledge every five years. Medium Conduct review of all mandatory training requirements and remove delegation from those who do not meet requirements until such time as requirements are met. Chief, Human Resources Oct 1, 2011 (completed)
Monitor completion rates. Chief, Human Resources Nov 30, 2011 & ongoing
Retain documentation on mandatory training on personnel files. In addition, the Financial Services Unit will ensure that confirmations of completed mandatory financial training are filed with signature card documentation. Chief Financial Services
Chief, Human Resources
Jan 1, 2012 & ongoing
Increase managers´ accountability for ensuring their employees receive mandatory training through performance objectives of senior managers. Executive Director Oct 31, 2011
2. PMPRB should ensure that fund commitment is performed by an individual with the delegated authority to do so before expenses are incurred, and that contract commitments are entered into the financial system High Revise the Delegation of Financial Signing Authorities Instrument to provide more detailed information on management accountabilities in the expenditure management process. Chief, Financial Services Unit Jan 1, 2012
Provide additional training and tools for cost centre managers and their administrative assistants, including work process diagrams, and make tools available on the PMPRB intranet. (Note: One training session will take place in October 2011, and another when the revision to the Delegation of Financial Signing Authorities Instrument has been completed.) Chief, Financial Services Unit Oct 18, 2011 & Jan 31, 2012
Monitor and report infractions to senior management in order to incorporate results into performance discussions. Chief, Financial Services Unit/Executive Director March 30 Annually
3. The PMPRB should ensure signed acknowledgement of acquisition card responsibilities including card limit authorizations is retained. Low Implement a form letter authorizing acknowledgement of acquisition card responsibilities including card limit. Authorizations for each employee will be retained on file and renewed every five years. Chief, Financial Services November 31, 2011
4. The PMPRB should pay invoices within 30 days of receipt. Medium Streamline internal procedures to reduce processing time for acquisition card statements. Process will be reviewed, options weighed, and changes to the process put in place by fiscal year-end. Chief, Financial Services March 31, 2012
5. The PMPRB should issue blanket travel authorities for board members and chairperson travel in the name of individual travellers and ensure that travellers sign-off on the blanket authorizations to confirm they understand their responsibilities. Medium Amend and re-issue 2011-12 blanket authorities for Board members, including individual signatures confirming acceptance of responsibilities. Chief, Financial Services Oct 14, 2011
Revise forms and process for future blanket authorities. Chief, Financial Services March 30, 2012
6. The PMPRB should ensure a proper segregation of duties between account verification and payment settlement authorizations for pre-paid travel expenses. Medium Evaluate options for further clarification and segregation of duties. Incorporate changes into revised Delegation of Financial Authorities instrument. Chief, Financial Services Jan 31, 2012
7. The PMPRB should ensure procedures are put into place to ensure that hospitality is verified by a delegated authority who did not attend the event, and within 30 days of the event taking place. High Provide additional training for cost centre managers and administrative staff. Chief, Financial Services Oct 18 & Jan 31, 2012
Revise Delegation of Financial Authorities instrument to clarify in more detail, the verifications required for hospitality expenditures. Chief, Financial Services Jan 2012
All hospitality claims will be reviewed by the Financial Services Unit. Breeches will be monitored and reported to the Executive Director who will incorporate results into performance discussions. Chief, Financial Services
Executive Director
Oct 1 & ongoing
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