The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) continuously strives to be transparent and accountable in how it does business. Accountability is the foundation on which Canada's system of responsible government rests. It is key to assuring Parliament and Canadians that the Government of Canada is using public resources efficiently and effectively, and that it answers for its actions.


Audits maintain and enhance the proper management of the public funds administered by the PMPRB. This is achieved by providing independent assurance that the resources, systems, processes, structures and operational tasks of the PMPRB are supporting the delivery of its programs in an economical, efficient and effective manner.

The objective of the Core Control Audit of the PMPRB (Office of the Comptroller General) was to ensure that core controls over financial management within the PMPRB are effective and result in compliance with corresponding legislation, policies, and directives. The PMPRB has accepted the audit findings and provided the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) with the PMPRB Management Action Plan for the Core Control Audit to address the OCG's detailed recommendations.

Program Evaluation

In 2008-09, the Treasury Board Secretariat approved an increase in funding for the PMPRB to help it to effectively deliver its mandate. As a provision of receiving this ongoing increase in resources, the PMPRB agreed to conduct a complete evaluation of its programs in 2011-12. The goal of the evaluation was to assess the PMPRB's relevance, efficiency and effectiveness, and the extent to which the increased resources helped it achieve its objectives.

A consulting company conducted the evaluation and the subsequent report, the Evaluation of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, was accepted by the Chairperson in September 2012. Overall the evaluation findings were positive.

A Management Response and Action Plan was developed to respond to the findings of the Program Evaluation Report. The Management Response to the 2011-12 PMPRB Program Evaluation addresses the four considerations set out in the report:

  • Expedite all PMPRB processes
  • Further simplify the Guidelines
  • Expand plain language offering throughout all PMPRB communications
  • Expand the target audience for outreach efforts

The Action Plan details the initiatives/activities that the PMPRB has either undertaken or will undertake to address these considerations.

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