NPDUIS Analytical Studies

National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) publishes a variety of studies that provide Canadians with comprehensive information on drug pricing, utilization, and cost trends in Canada and internationally. These include Annual Publications, Report Series, Focused Research Reports, and Presentations.

Annual Publications

CompassRx: Annual Public Drug Plan Expenditure Report

NPDUIS CompassRx, 4th Edition

2016/17 Edition
Published: September 2018 | PDF 2.80 MB

Previous Editions

CompassRx, 2015/16
Published: May 2017 | PDF 2.26 MB

CompassRx, 2013/14
Published: May 2016 | PDF 4.02 MB

CompassRx, 2012/13
Published: March 2015 | PDF 4.37 MB

Analysis Brief: CompassRx, 2012/13
Published: March 2015 | PDF 804 kb

Meds Entry Watch

Meds Entry Watch

2017 Edition New
Published: February 2019 | PDF 3.35 MB

Supplementary Information:

New Medicines Approved in 2016 | PDF 94 kb
New Medicines Approved in 2017 | PDF 97 kb

Previous Editions

2016 Edition
Published: June 2018 | PDF 758 kb

2015 Edition
Published: April 2017 | PDF 2.33 MB

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

New Drug Pipeline Monitor

7th Edition
Published: December 2015 | PDF 1.43 MB

Previous Editions

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 6th Edition
Published: December 2014 | PDF 723 kb

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 5th Edition
Published: December 2013

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 4th Edition
Published: April 2013

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 3rd Edition
Published: July 2011

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 2nd Edition
Published: July 2008

New Drug Pipeline Monitor, 1st Edition
Published: June 2007

Report Series
Focused Reports
Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Previous Posters

2017 Conference Posters:

The Canadian Market for Biologic Response Modifier Agents, 2015 | PDF 305 kb

Generic Drugs in Canada, 2015 | PDF 369 kb

A Review of Public Coverage of CDR Reviewed Drugs | PDF 354 kb

A Review of Public and Private Coverage of iJODR/pCODR Reviewed Drugs | PDF 325 kb

Potential Savings from Biosimilars in Canada | PDF 440 kb

2016 Conference Posters:

Orphan Drug Launch Monitor (ODLM) | PDF 324 kb

Cost Pressures in the Canadian Hospital Drug Market, 2006–2014 | PDF 373 kb

The Use of Diabetes Drugs in Canadian Public Drug Plans | PDF 369 kb

Private Drug Plans in Canada: Cost Drivers, 2008 to 2015 | PDF 400 kb

New Drug Launch Monitor, 2009-2015 | PDF 373 kb

Cost Pressure of the New Hepatitis C Drugs in Canada | PDF 310 kb

Private Drug Plans in Canada: High-Cost Drugs and Beneficiaries, 2005 to 2015 | PDF 296 kb

2015 Conference Posters:

Generic Drugs in Canada, 2013 | PDF 373 kb

Cost Drivers of Private Drug Plans in Canada, 2012/13 | PDF 400 kb

Cost Drivers of Public Drug Plans in Canada, 2012/13 | PDF 1021 kb

The Use of Gabapentin in Public Drug Plans | PDF 1480 kb

Monitoring New Drugs in Canada: A Multifaceted Approach | PDF 326 kb

Generic Drugs in Canadian Private Plans, 2005–2013 | PDF 338 kb

2014 Conference Posters:

Private Drug Plans in Canada PDF 695 kb

New Drug Pipeline Monitor PDF 378 kb

Slide Presentations


Potential Savings from Biosimilars in Canada
Published: March 2017 | PDF 1.56 MB

Slide Presentations

Reference Documents

These documents provide background material to supplement the NPDUIS analytical studies:

Canadian Public Drug Plan Designs and Policies


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